About Us


TAS has become a trusted automation partner by providing best-in-class automation and wireless system design, integration, programming and commissioning services. At its heart, TAS is a team of highly experienced and dedicated automation, SCADA and telemetry professionals who are committed to making advanced technology, automation and engineering services work for our clients. Our goal is to apply our capabilities to our client’s needs enabling them to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.




  • Proven track record in automation design, integration, programming and commissioning
  • More than 200 years of combined Automation Experience
  • 100 years working with PLCs
  • 100 years of upstream commissioning
  • 50 years working with SCADA
  • 50 years working with Telemetry and Wireless Networks
  • 40 years working with ROC RTUs
  • 30 years working with Totalflow Flow Computers
  • Committed to, and known for, High Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Technical Ability


TAS Clients