Modbus Training

Have you ever had a problem understanding or utilizing Modbus?  If so, you are not alone!  While the Modbus protocol has been around since 1979 with millions of active devices in use, Modbus is among the most misunderstood and challenging protocols to implement and troubleshoot in the field today.

TAS Modbus trainers have extensive field experience in commissioning and troubleshooting Modbus devices. This course will allow the attendees to learn and benefit from decades of real-life experiences.  After attending the class, students will be able to implement, test, and troubleshoot Modbus connections significantly quicker and more efficiently going forward.

Upcoming Classes

“The Modbus training class was very informative. It gave me the knowledge and confidence to get my project going. TAS even provided some tools for use in the classroom that I got to keep. I was able to use these tools to bench test my project and then get it implemented in the field. The instructor was very knowledgeable and easy to understand. I enjoyed the class and learned a lot from it.”
– Tony Garcia
Valero Energy
“It was a great class. It helped us to understand some of our PLC com’s issues that we were experiencing. For the price, material, and the software it was a great value that should help any industry that uses Modbus.”
-James Watt
Holly Refining


Students can either choose to attend online or in-class. The Hands-on labs include connecting Modbus based instrumentation to supplied software using a laptop.  Hands-on labs are identical for both in-classroom or virtual training students.


  • Modbus Protocol Variations
  • Modbus RTU Focus
  • Security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Hands on Communications Lab & Instrument Challenge


  • Please bring a laptop
  • Modbus Software will be available to install on your laptop
  • Training Certificates will be provided