cnReach IIoT

Wireless communications: powering the Industrial Internet of Things
cnReachâ„¢ provides affordable narrowband wireless connectivity for distribution automation, substation switch and circuit control, and SCADA telemetry.


  • Frequency Bands: Licensed frequency bands 220 MHz, 450 MHz, 700 MHz and 900 MHz
  • Security:   AES 128/256-bit encryption with password authentication
  • Scalability: Access point synchronization and adaptive modulation
  • Flexibility: Single and dual radio configurations for advanced relay and store-and-forward applications
  • Interfaces: Extensive I/O capabilities easing the transition from serial to all-IP networks with multiple serial ports, Ethernet ports and analog/digital I/O built-in
  • Management: Plan the network with LINKPlanner and manage the entire network with cnMaestro