Meeting the demand

A scalable solution that’s ideal for smart city, government, and industrial applications, cnPilot™ E500 is designed to support both wired and rapid wireless deployments. Enterprise-grade access points enable reliable and secure service rollout for outdoor wireless networks managed by either the service provider or enterprise – even in remote locations.

The E500 can support a large number of users in conditions difficult for outdoor wireless networks, perfect for any location where a high-performance outdoor 802.11ac WLAN Access Point is needed. The E500 is easily managed through cnMaestro™, the Cambium Networks cloud-based or on-premises WiFi controller.

Key features of E500 include:

  • Designed for high-capacity situations, supporting up to 256 active users and 16 SSIDs
  • IP67 rated with Gore vent – made to withstand demanding outdoor environments, resistant to wind, sand and rain, and prevent internal damage from moisture accumulation
  • Mesh backhauling capability for convenient outdoor wifi network deployments
  • Best radio for the price point, offering a reliable, high-capacity solution at a significantly lower cost than comparable competitors
  • Easy to deploy and integrate, supported by cnMaestro’s controller capabilities