Class 1 Div 1 Solar Power

C1D1 Solar Power

The C1D1 Solar Power is self contained Class 1 Division 1 Intrinsically Safe solar power system. It consists of a solar panel with mounting bracket and integrated potted battery and high efficiency solar charger.

Bracket mounting kits are available.

Class 1, Division 1, Temp Code T3, Groups C&D. Conforms to UL Std. 913, Certified to Can/CSA Std C22.2 No. 157
Provides power to both the Sentinel node and its attached sensor
Sealed lead acid batteries for long life and extended temperature range operation
Fully encapsulated batteries and electronics
High capacity version available for demanding power requirements

Hyperion Solar System
The Hyperion Solar System is self contained stand-alone power system which contains a high efficiency solar battery charger and provides easy connections to both the SignalFire stick and A2 product line.

4VDC Output for connection to A2 systems
Screw terminals for connection to In-a-Stick products
DB9 port for local connection to connected Stick device
Includes 10W solar panel and brackets
Accepts standard 12V sealed lead-acid batteries
Optional internally mounted relay module for remote shut down (RSD)