Through the process of building custom solutions for our clients, TAS has developed numerous quasi-standard solutions. These solutions are quasi-standard in that “out-of-the-box” they provide most of a client’s required functionality and then with minimal customization meet all of their needs. This approach provides the client with a shorter delivery time and lower cost.

Give us a call if you are interested in discussing any of these solutions or a completely custom solution.


Tank Commander

  • Provides a graphical, real-time display of tank levels in the tank battery.
  • Password protected
  • Remotely accessible Web Server
  • 7” or 10” outdoor rated C1D2 color display
  • Solar powered turnkey system
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Tank production reports


Safe Well

  • An enhanced version of Tank Commander. It adds well ESD based on user defined conditions.
  • Password protected
  • Remotely accessible load/unload information
  • 10” outdoor rated C1D2 color display
  • Solar powered turnkey system


Quad O

A mobile tank vent monitoring system. This unit is designed to help oil/gas producers measure the flow from their tank vents to determine how close they are to the 6 ton/year VOC limit.

  • Pre-run calibration verification
  • Instantaneous flow trending and data logging
  • Daily total logging
  • Solar powered turnkey system


Easy Production Manager

  • Adds a HMI interface to the Production Manager function in a ROC RTU.
  • Menu driven access to all of Production Manager’s capabilities
  • Password protected levels of access
  • 10” outdoor rated C1D2 color display
  • BLM screen


EFM Configurator

  • Customized HMI that makes configuring a Totalflow graphical and easy.
  • Meter runs and tank graphics and values auto populate as you configure them
  • Customize interface built to your specification if required


Easy D

  • Simplifies and increases the safety of tubing and casing pressure monitoring.
  • Quick disconnect fittings and cables makeworkovers and maintenance simple.
  • Quick disconnect high-pressure fitting
  • Isolation block and bleed valve
  • Analog pressure gauge

Frac Up

  • Wireless level monitoring of all tanks eliminates manual “sticking”
  • 7” or 10” outdoor rated C1D2 color display
  • Remotely accessible Web Server
  • Data logging capabilities
  • Solar powered turnkey system
  • Water pump control systems available